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Guide to RETIREMENT PLANNINGGuide to POST-COVID-19 RETIREMENT PLANNING - Pandemic leads to changes in future retirees' plans

Welcome to our Guide to Post-COVID-19 Retirement Planning. Every day the barrage of COVID-19 news has been unrelenting. The impulse to react, and to protect what we have, is understandably strong. The pandemic outbreak and resulting financial fallout have caused considerable financial stress for many, making it difficult to decide about how and when to retire.

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When it comes to making financial decisions, you don't have to go it alone The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic outbreak has affected people in various ways. However, this has undoubtedly been a time for contemplation surrounding our personal finances. Many have taken the new-found time at home to conduct a review of their finances, to assess necessary and unnecessary expenditure. While uncertainty with the job market continues, a tighter grip on finances is key.

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Guide to PENSIONS ON DIVORCEGuide to PENSIONS ON DIVORCE - Navigating through uncertainterritory

If you're going through a divorce, dividing up any pensions you have will usually be one of the largest financial decisions you need to make. Agreeing financial arrangements in your divorce can seem daunting; there are so many misconceptions and myths as to what each party is entitled to that it gets confusing. The rules surrounding dissolution of a registered civil partnership are the same as those for divorce. In this guide, we use the term 'divorce' to mean the end of a registered civil partnership as well as the end of a marriage.

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Guide to INVESTMENT INSIGHTSStaying focused on long-term economic and market expectations.

Welcome to our Guide to Investment Insights. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting societies and markets around the world. As concerns over the pandemic continue to dominate headlines, cause volatility in the market and subsequently shake confdence, it is perfectly normal for investors to become nervous, question their investment approach and concentrate on the potential for short-term losses over their longerterm investment strategy.

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 Investing in an unpredictable world Guide to Investing in an unpredictable world

In our Guide to Investment Diversification, we consider why diversification is an important part of investing. In practical terms, diversification is holding investments which will differently to the same market or economic event. Generally speaking, there are four broad asset classes: cash, fixed interest (bonds), property and shares (equities).

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Tax Planning Guide March 2020Guide to Tax Year End Planning tax Year 2019/2020

Tax is never a one-size-fits-all approach: each taxpayer and each year will be different. And with the current tax year-end approaching, this is a perfect timeto carry out a tax health check and implement any planning opportunities before the end of the 2019/20 tax year.

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Investing for the futureGuide to Investing for the Future

Making the right choices to invest for your future can seem complex. But with the right investment strategy in place we can ensure you are able to make informed decisions to secure the financial future you want. We will help you work out exactly what you want to get out of your investments, set realistic targets and keep you on track.

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Planning for RetirementGuide to The Final Retirement Countdown

A better tomorrow starts with understanding today. When the future is unclear, the thought of retirement may well feel more daunting than exciting. Our retirement planning service can help you build the wealth you need to achieve the retirement you deserve.

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